Friday, December 18, 2009

bah humbug

i'm not a christmas person. i'm more of a halloween kinda person. i can identify with skeletons, ghosts, goblins and scary kids sticky with candy but the idea of a big fat dude sliding down my chimney while i'm sleeping is just a little too creepy. halloween's also better than christmas cause no one expects you to buy them some useless article, put it in a box, wrap it with tacky paper, stick a name tag on it and give it to them. and let's face it. the gift never, and i mean never, lives up to expectations. otherwise no one would have coined the word "re-gifting" now would they? at least on halloween, everyone is pretty much pleased with what they get. sugar fiends get a fix that will last them til thanksgiving, which by the way is also an okay holiday.

and lets talk about all those sappy commercials that run on television during the "holiday" season. everyone from dupont chemical to mcdonald's wants you to believe they embody the spirit of christmas present with those drippy, sugar coated vignettes about the college kid slipping in early on christmas morning to surprise the parents. in real life, the college kid would come home with a bagful of dirty laundry, sporting a 3 day beard,a hangover from a hell and badly needing cash and a hair cut. what is it about this time of year that makes people want to make you think they have the perfect life? am i the only one here who feels left out of all this freakin' holiday cheer?

and just to add insult to injury, let me just start to get over the disappointments and disasters you all like to call christmas and what happens? exactly one week later....bam! new years. should old acquaintance be forgot....well hell yeah. duh!

so, to recap...take your happy holidays. just leave halloween to me and my wraiths.

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