Friday, December 4, 2009

happy thoughts

closing my eyes and listening, not just with my ears but with each of my senses, with my heart and with my soul. seeing a vision playing out in full and wonderous color, just for me. a smile playing at my lips. i can feel the gentle summer breeze blowing through the sheers at the kitchen window, lightly fluttering and dancing to unheard music, knowing that if i look through the window i'll see a magnificent wrap around porch. a little bit too big for the scale of the house its attached to but thats ok because on warm summer nights, the rocking chairs are inviting me to sit, listen to the crickets chirp, and forget about everything but the stillness and the romance of the night. but for now i lean back against the countertop, smell the rich sweetness of freshly baked bread and hear the old screen door open, slightly squeaking and then shutting with the force of its own weight. it bounces a time or two before settling back into the frame of the doorway. cocking my head and waiting for the next sound, floorboards creaking softly beneath the weight of shoes, the sharp tap of heels hitting floor at a leisurely pace. my heartbeat quickens, my breath catches and the smile on my face broadens. with my eyes still closed i feel His presense entering my space, both commanding and gentle, boisterous and quiet, dominant and giving. the cat brushes up against my leg as i feel his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me into Him as He bends and lightly kisses my neck. sighing deeply and finally knowing a contentment so deep i can taste it in His kiss, feel it in His arms, hear it in His voice, see it in His eyes and smell it in the very air we breathe. i'm finally at home, with Him, in my perfect world.

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