Tuesday, December 1, 2009


she spent half her life waiting for him to come into this world. and the other half waiting for him to grow up. it seemed to her that the entire expanse of her time on this earth was spending waiting on him. and she waits still. for what exactly, she isn't sure. but somewhere deep down she knows whatever that something is, it won't be pleasant. she waits for him to call. she waits for him to think of her. she waits for the day when he doesn't call anymore. she knows there's no hope for a relationship like this. she understands the gap, but when she thinks of his voice, it doesn't matter. shielding herself from the inevitable hurt isn't as important as hearing his voice one more time. she knows she belongs to him completely. she knows he doesn't belong to her. at all. the inequities of life are extant. she sighs....and waits.

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