Friday, December 4, 2009

i don't care what size you are

this may come as a complete and utter shock to most of you guys out there but women, girls, whatever, do not, and i repeat DO NOT care about the size of your penis. we also don't care how horny you are, how hard you are or how sexy you think we are. we know that your condition probably has more to do with the fact that you just finished watching grade B internet porn or were playing around in your sister's underwear drawer than any allure we might hold for you. we do not allow ourselves to be ruled by our egos or our libidos. and don't instant message us on aim, yahoo, skype, msn or any of the other messenger services out there and immediately think we're sitting there waiting on you to ask us to cam with you. the odds of that occurring are exceedingly low. a well thought out and considerate conversation will get you a lot further with us than that single phrase every female on the internet is tired of hearing...."hey babe, u got a cam?"
and while i'm at it, lets talk about the issue you seem to have that allows the size of that appendage you put so much importance on to define your character and personality. let it be duly noted, for the record, that the bigger you say you are, the more likely you will turn out to be a complete ass. i can't emphasize this enough: you should be much more than the length, width, shape, color or texture of your "equipment" also, be warned, we now know to immediately deduct 2 inches off whatever measurement you give us to reflect a more accurate description of your "man parts."
so, do yourselves a favor, save yourself the embarassment and just grow the hell up. we no longer judge a boy by the size of his toy.

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